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As a giant, the mountain rises above the surrounding plain. The mountain massif consists of three heights: the giant heel, Bispberg's heel and Grigger's heel. The highest of the three is Bispberg's heel, a total of 315 meters above sea level. From here you can at clear weather see all the way to the ski slopes in Falun, to Kupolen in Borlänge and the mining quarries in Garpenberg.



Säterdalen is a semi-mile long ravine system with a completely unique nature. Here is the Children's Valley - a playground for children of all ages, summer pasture, fishing, climbing frames, large slides and Dalstugan with café and dining in summer, Säters Folkpark with events all year round, nice hiking trails and much more.



Östra Silvberg is one of Sweden's oldest mines. It had its heyday already in the 15th century when a lot of silver was extracted here. In the Storgruvan turquoise water mirror, sky, mountains and forest are seen.

Fästpunkt 1


This place has sand and grass beach. There is camping kiosk, dining, mini golf course and outdoor space. Perfect place to relax after the day's activities. It is also good to cycle and hike around the lake as there is car and dirt road all the way, there are also very nice trails around the lake.



From this place our training starts with the bike business, also the ski and orienteering club has their activities up here. This is where the cliff race is arranged and there are endless paths to ride on. Put the car here and cycle to Dammsjön to eat an ice cream in the summer heat.



Säters most used exercise track. Here are various long tracks to choose from. These are used by everyone, both humans and animals. Here you can run, walk, walk the dog, ride and of course cycle. Very nice tracks but take it easy and show consideration when you swipe around in the tracks on the bike.

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Dalsbyn's own BMX track "Säterdirten". A cycling experience out of the ordinary with lovely jumps that give nausea in the stomach. The heap is built by hand and the area is constantly changing.



In Säter there are several possibilities for accommodation, choice between hotel, camping, holiday villages. Why not fricampa at the place at Silvberg's mine? Preserve our nice environment, take care of your garbage.

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Here you will find different options for food, home cooking, pizza, café.

Here are most restaurants to saturate your stomach, you need a good breakfast before or after the bike tour, then visit Annas Hembageri with day-fresh bread and pastries.

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